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Edinburgh Blues Club Listings

@ CC Blooms

12th - 21st July
Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

16th - 22nd July
24th Dunedin 
International Folk Dance Festival

10th & 11th August 
Party At The Palace
@ Linlithgow Palace

29th August - 1st September 
Lindisfarne Festival

Saturday 14th September
EH1 Festival 2019
@ Royal Highland Centre

Saturday 14th September
Psychedelic Forest Carnival
@ Kelburn Castle

The Stand Comedy Club

Stu & Garry's Free Improv Show  
@ The Stand Comedy Club

Underground Live
@ Teviot Underground

Auntie Flo
Theory Of Flo Album

DJ Academy, Edinburgh

"Our long-running weekly beginner’s showcase is regarded as the best open mic night in the UK. Catch up to ten new acts – some treading the boards for the very first time. This is where everyone starts and it’s your chance to see the stars of tomorrow today. Watch out for older hands dropping in to try out new material too."
Mondays @ The Stand

The Depot
Recording & Rehearsal 

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